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Allen Vaught: Protecting adults over the children they serve

Rep Farrar’s amendment to HB2730 (DPS Sunset bill) was adopted, so it will likely be enacted. This amendment will allow school employees to keep their criminal history a secret from the public.

Allen Vaught supported this bill.

Here’s what this means….

  • School forms contain sensitive information such as ssn, parent’s dl, dob, etc. So, shouldn’t parents need to know if school employees have a history of financial crimes, such as forgery, ID theft, credit card abuse?
  • Coaches often drive school buses for sporting events. Shouldn’t parents know if a coach has been convicted of multiple DWI’s?
  • Coaches and other teachers often collect funds for student activities. Shouldn’t parents know if there is a history of theft, credit card abuse, misappropriation of public funds?
  • Coaches and teachers often spend time with students away from classes. Shouldn’t parents know if there is a conviction for providing alcohol to a minor?


Crimes not considered violent or of a sexual nature:

Driving while intoxicated

Purchasing/Furnishing alcohol for a minor

Making Alcohol available to a minor

Selling alcohol to a minor

Intoxicated Assault

Intoxicated manslaughter

Involuntary manslaughter

Public Intoxication

Boating while intoxicated

Contributing to the delinquency or neglect of a child

Engaging in organized criminal activity

Possession of marijuana

Possession of dangerous drugs

Possession of cocaine

Distributing Cocaine

Possession of heroin

Forging or altering prescriptions

Fraudulent prescription

Burglary of a habitation

Criminal mischief

Cruelty to animals

Violation of a Protective Order

Abandoning or endangering a child

Neglect of a child

Failure to report child abuse

Coercion of Police/Fire/Political Campaign


Hindering apprehension/prosecution of a felon

Evading Arrest

Interfering with duties of a public official

Impersonating a police officer

False report to a police officer


Harassing communication

Abuse of an Official Capacity

Tamper with Government Record

Employee Embezzlement / Misapply Bank Funds

Theft 20k-100K

Aggravated perjury

False statement to obtain property

Credit Card Abuse

Debit Card Abuse


Welfare fraud

Counterfeit documents


Insurance fraud

Misapplication fiduciary duty

Possession of fraudulent identity

Pyramid promotional scheme

Fraud illegal use of credit card

Possession of identifying information

Forgery government instrument of money

Breach of computer security

Theft by check

Theft of property

Unauthorized use of motor vehicle

Terrorist threat



Burglary of a vehicle



Promotion of Gambling

Unlawful carrying weapon

Deadly Conduct

Criminal Tresspass

Possession of unlawful knuckles

Possession of unlawful switchblade

Resisting arrest

Unlawful restraint

Attempt to take prohibited substance in correctional facility

Call (512) 463-0244 to ask Representative Vaught to explain how this bill will help our District 107 neighborhood schools.

This bill will likely be sent to the Senate Committee on Government Organization on Monday May 18. To undo Vaught’s latest “proactive solution for District 107 neighborhood schools” please contact committee members and ask that Farrar’s amendment not be a part of the Senate version of the bill.

Senate Committee on Government Organization.

It only takes a moment to click each name and email members through the Senate website.


  1. Thank you for covering this, Dallas Morning News:

  2. HB 2730 passes the Senate:

  3. Truly one more open door to the abuse of children. And all during the same week that the GAO and parents testified before the US House on the criminal restraints and seclusion of special needs children with many situations where children died at the hands of school teachers and administrators. Great job Texas – throwing the most vulnerable into the hands of the criminals with no check points.

    Another good reason why we are in private school setting!

  4. […] neighborhood school also thank you for protecting their criminal records with your support of the Farrar Amendment.  There probably aren’t any criminals working at a nice school like Truett – I am sure […]

  5. […] – This one’s about the teacher who didn’t understand the rules about screwing teenagers. “Oh, I can’t screw ANY teenagers?” Oh well, at least he isn’t teaching there anymore. Hopefully the next school district will run a background check if they’re able to do so:… […]

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