Posted by: Unworthy Bum | May 22, 2009

Invasion of the (Big) Butts!

“And just because we can it don’t mean that we should.”

– That 1 Guy

Item 1: The Big

Matt Pulle has a nice article on Texas Watchdog about Senator Royce West, his connections and how West’s legislation gets him some dime.

Go to the DISD Check Register and type West Associates in where it says Vendor Name.

This isn’t breaking news. Everyone knows West, who sits on the Senate Education Committee, profits heavily off public education.

The question is: Why isn’t anyone doing anything about West’s many blatant conflicts of interest?

Do you know that just one of those fat DISD checks to West & Associates could have provided my son with years of appropriate education in a local private school? Just think of what one of those fat DISD checks could have done if it were put toward creating individualized programs for children with autism within DISD (and allowing those children access to the programs, of course).


Item 2: The Filthy

Speaking of dirty butts, some say the public schools need more money – including the teachers unions who were boo hooing on the news last night over the lack of toilet paper and soap in DISD shitholes… I mean public schools… I mean restrooms.

Go talk to Royce West – he’s got your toilet paper money, AFT. DISD doesn’t need more money – it needs fewer deals.

Item 3: The Charles

Dallas ISD announced its teacher of the year yesterday. (If you know how the selection process works for DISD Teacher of the Year, please post in comments.) This year a theater teacher from Bryan Adams High School right here in good ol’ District 107 is the winner. Congratulations to him.

This is a big deal, because the winner gets a $5K check from none other than HEB Foods.

Follow me:

HEB and Central Market – same thing…

HEB/Central Market CEO is a dude named Charles Butt…

Charles Butt likes Texas…

He likes it so much he’s buying up the Texas House…

Charles Butt is the money behind the Texas Parent PAC…

Charles Butt is a good chunk of the money behind Raise Your Hand Texas…

The Texas Parent PAC is Allen Vaught’s “man behind the curtain”…

Raise Your Hand Texas is providing “scholarships” to principals across the state to attend a Raise Your Hand Texas principal camp at Harvard…

That’s the main Gravy Train organizers training your school’s principal.

If you are having trouble with your principal, see if he/she attended the RYHT Harvard Party… and if you’d like to know what they learned, submit a public information request. Wonder if there’s a toilet paper tactic in there…

Watch the Butts, District 107. Our representative, Allen Vaught is a Butt Tool, and the Tools are all as busy as 3-legged cats covering up crap.


  1. When Vaught has his punks tell you he’s not in charge of DISD, tell him yes he is. He is the Texas Parent PAC. He is Raise Your Hand Texas. So he is training principals and passing out cash to teachers in his district in addition to pushing the political agendas of people who don’t even live here.

    It’s the whole reason he was moved to District 107.

  2. Cedar Hill should watch for the same chain of events our lovely east Dallas is experiencing. The guy the Parent PAC is planning to run out there will probably work as a “consultant” for Butt or one of Butt’s entities.

  3. Hey, look who financed the campaigns of 7 Texas Supreme Court Justices: (hint, it’s a Butt)

  4. […] blog also linked to our report on West as well as the online journal (and our new favorite read) Unworthy Bum. Share and […]

  5. Well gee, Watchdog. Thanks!

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