Posted by: Unworthy Bum | July 30, 2012

Bennett the Banner

Now y’all don’t go messing with Bennett Ratliff’s Facebook page. That page is only for comments that portray him in the proper light.

Don’t ask him to answer direct questions about his stance on education vouchers or any other issue a normal Republican (not a Really Not (H)onest RINO) would be happy to discuss. Don’t ask him about the money he’s taking from liberal anti-school choice groups like Texas Parent PAC which is funded by Bennett’s Sugar Daddy and Biological Daddy, that old school liberal William Ratliff. Don’t ask him to discuss political ethics, because his brother the lobbyist also sits on the State Board of Education.

Because Bennett doesn’t like it, and he’ll delete those comments and ban you. Support this joke or stay away from his pretty little campaign – that’s the theme.


  1. We’ve made a difference. UB posted that Bennett is banning people who post scary things on his campaign Facebook page like “What is your policy on deleting comments and banning people?” or “How much money did Coppell ISD spend on private law firms last year?” or “As a lifelong conservative, what is your stance on public school vouchers?” or “Are you going to tackle ethics what with your brother the lobbyist and his Board of Education job? or your father funding your campaign? And all that other stuff?”

    Now Bennett is only deleting comments filled with questions he refuses to answer (despite Bennett’s silly website pledge to do just that). He isn’t banning people. Baby steps!

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