Posted by: Unworthy Bum | June 29, 2013

Truett Trailer Park, Fair Park and the Olympic Committee

“Dallas is a rich man with a death wish in his eye.” – Jimmie Dale Gilmore

After decades of neglect and begging for scraps, Truett Elementary, formerly known as Truett Trailer Park, is getting a little attention. After pictures appeared on UB of the notebook paper sign for “Gym 2” on one rotting trailer, the inches between the second trailer park (bond money!) and Ferguson Park and the pictures of the head-sized holes in the rotting trailers on the Inadale side of the school, the trailers began to upgrade and some even disappeared. Allen Vaught is long gone. The only time I’m aware of that he even visited this particular neighborhood school was when the master gardeners came to set up a few raised bed gardens for the kids. I’ll post pictures of those soon. I don’t think Mr. Vaught came back to water….

There is a new school planned for Truett. I am not sure how it will work, but a second building is going to be constructed starting this summer. In other districts, entire new schools are built in the school park, then the old building is demolished and a new park is created in the old space. That would be ideal, and it would certainly improve the looks of things for any Olympic Committee members who take the wrong exit off Buckner and wander down Peavy.

Have you seen the new Elementary being built on Grand just south of 30? It’s super nice. I wonder how that happened. And the new high school being built over near MLK Blvd? Swanky, attractive, perhaps even functional. I hope the new building for Truett is at least that nice and that it carries over to the middle and high schools so families actually want to move to this area and stick with the public schools. Safe neighborhood schools strengthen communities and neighborhoods and are good for a city like Dallas.

There is a devil in me that says those Fair Park schools are only being built to impress the Olympic Committee. That devil says those people living on main streets should hold onto their hats. They’re going to find their properties condemned and stolen out from under them. And that devil says Truett and Gaston and Skyline and Hill won’t get the same level of attention unless there is a good view from a main street near an attraction the Olympic Committee might want to see.

So I thought I’d just start tagging away and see if I can get the attention of someone on the committee. It is obviously important to the Olympic Committee that Olympic host cities address domestic violence, because Mayor Mike had a rally and told everyone to be good men and passed out key chains. And I think the Olympic Committee is also concerned about acceptance of diversity, because Mayor Mike gave a quiet Go Rainbows! after the SCOTUS decision on same-sex marriage. AIDS? He’s got the billboards up – Check!

The improvements this city needs are more than shallow checklists. Let’s take the Olympic Committee on a thorough tour of Dallas. Let’s visit all of the schools. Let’s go down some side streets. Let’s buy gas behind the Gexa Pavilion after midnight. Let’s ride bikes up near Ferguson and LBJ at the open air prostitution and drug market. In fact, let’s have the B_G letters all over the city.

If there is an area of the city or a particular neighborhood school you feel needs attention, please let us know either in comments, or email Take lots of pictures.

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