Unworthy Bum began in the fall of 2008 keeping District 107 voters informed on issues related to our education tax dollars, our children and the related actions of our state representatives. Unworthy Bum tracks promised state level improvements to neighborhood schools as well as legislation that will allow Texas children with disabilities safe and appropriate access to publicly-funded education. Through our series on abuse, neglect and lack of oversight in the State Schools, we also highlight what becomes of many of our most vulnerable children, those with disabilities, when they are subjected to a set of laws that legalizes and promotes their exclusion from public education.

All Unworthy Bum contributors are Texas parents of children with disabilities. We are stakeholders and do not represent anyone but our children.


  1. This is good stuff…Where did you go? I hope you continure to blog, there should be more out there like you. We need it.

  2. Thanks, Katie. I took a little break once Allen Vaught packed up and returned to the law firm.

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