Tell Your Story

To contact Unworthy Bum, please email us at:

If you would like to share your Texas public school special education experience, please send your story to the above email address. Our representatives need to understand what we already know: that the misuse of our education tax dollars which should be going to educate children with disabilities is intentional, pervasive and statewide. We encourage you to keep your story as anonymous as you wish, particularly if you fear retaliation from your district against your child.

Stories are posted under the Texas Autism Education Parent Story tag.


  1. Hello,
    I’m very impressed with your site, and blogs! I would like to thank you for the entries pertaining to my brother Michael Nicholson!

    I have added you to my site’s blogroll, and hope that is OK?

    I’m on twitter, and facebook, if you want to connect there.

    The site is my first blogger attempt, so I’m still learning! Your site seems great, so I would appreciate any suggestions or help that you are willing to offer!

    Again thanks,
    David Nicholson

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